How I Survived a Black Widow Bite with Prayer and Oils – Volume 11, Number 2

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How I Survived a Black Widow Bite with Prayer and Oils - Volume 11, Number 2 How I Survived a Black Widow Bite with Prayer and Oils - Volume 11, Number 2

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NOTE: The information in this newsletter is intended for education purposes only. It is not provided in order to diagnose, prescribe, or treat any disease, illness, or injured condition of the body or mind. Anyone suffering from any disease, illness, or injury should consult with a physician or other appropriate licensed health care professional.

How I Survived a Black Widow Bite with Prayer and Oils

Originally Posted April – May – June Spring 2013

1. How I Survived a Black Widow Bite with Prayer and Oils
~^~^~^~^by Don Eagleston


On February 9, 2013 I was bitten at least three times by a spider while moving some pieces of house siding. When in a hurry, we do not often slow down and take precautionary measures. Normally, objects are checked for spiders before moving them. However, this time, I just gathered the pieces, picked them up and proceeded to carry them to a storage area. While carrying the siding, I could tell that I had been bitten twice. The bites felt like a hypodermic needle puncture. When the symptoms were described to a physician, he felt the bite was from a Black Widow spider, which can be fatal.

Upon returning to the house, I examined my arm and could see three distinct and separate bites about one inch from the wrist area on the left forearm. Each bite mark was approximately 1/4 inch in diameter, white in color and whelped up about 1/16 of an inch. Young Living’s Purification essential oil blend was applied within minutes to the bitten area and applied about every 30-60 minutes for several hours and multiple times during the next day.

The bite area started turning red and swelling of the forearm was noticeable. This reddening and swelling of the arm continued progressing until the entire forearm from the elbow, to and including the hand, was very swollen and red. During the 1st and 2nd day, Purification was applied numerous times along with taking 2-3 ounces of NingXia Red daily. I did not feel sick but felt very sluggish for the first 36 hours.


Toward the end of the 2nd day, itching similar to a poison ivy reaction began developing. Young Living Peppermint essential oil was used to calm down the itching. Then a raised area from the wrist and extending about 5-6 inches toward the elbow and 1/4 inch in thickness began developing on the top of the forearm. At first the raised area was localized around the three bite marks and then started progressing up the arm toward the elbow. At this point I was beginning to wonder if I was smart enough to properly care for the wound and my father was becoming very vocal that I needed to seek medical assistance for fear of losing my arm. By this time the swelling of the forearm was so pronounced that no blood veins could be seen. The hand joints and veins could also no longer be seen.


By now, the hand looked like it belonged to the Pillsbury Dough Boy or like it was formed from a marshmallow with the skin of the hand and forearm feeling very tight. All during the 3rd day, we would watch the progress of the effects from the poison and I was beginning to think Daddy might be correct. On the night of the 3rd day, I noticed the progress of all the symptoms had halted. So, I decided to wait another day and keep trying Purification and Peppermint. It wasn’t until the healing process was approximately 2/3 completed that I thought, why did I not take pictures and why did I not do a daily log of exact details. The only excuse offered is that I was so busy fighting for my life and my arm that I did not even consider documentation of events. Therefore the exact days from this point are approximate in nature.


On the 4th day, the arm seemed to stabilize and a black crusty scab began forming on the raised plateau of the forearm and my energy level was noticeably better. Peppermint was used to manage the itching. The arm seemed to stabilize until the 6th day. At that point the entire large black crusty scab sloughed off during the morning shower. At this point, what was once a scab became an area with profuse body fluids with intense itching. Peppermint no longer controlled the itching for more than an hour at a time. I discovered that by applying Young Living Thieves essential oil blend to the forearm, the itching was controlled for around 4 hours. Thieves also served the role of helping prevent infection of what was now a large open wound with no apparent skin. During this time one of the local pastors was enlisted in anointing the arm and praying specifically for the arm to heal without any scars.


About the 8th day, it appeared that Thieves was serving as a drying agent to the open wound area. The flow of body fluids began to diminish slowly over time and 90% of the wound area sealed over by approximately the 14th day. Over the following week, the body fluids stopped flowing and the crusty seal began to show signs of small skin patches forming. That is when the Scar-B-Gone recipe was applied on an “as needed basis” until the skin on the arm was renewed. (The formula for Scar-B-Gone is given in the next article of this newsletter)

During the new skin formation phase numerous pockets of yellow pus began forming at random places along the affected area. The first two pockets were not treated and grew to considerable size before erupting and healing. Young Living Lemon essential oil was applied as soon as additional pockets were detected. This resulted in the head forming much sooner and with much smaller size. The healing of the pocket area was accelerated too. Young Living Life 5 and ImmuPro were also taken daily to help strengthen the immune system.

Today, only a few weeks later, the skin is normal, soft, pliable and feels completely recovered. Some areas of small discoloration are present where toxins were eliminating. I thank God for my healing and for His oils through which my healing was facilitated.

Don Eagleston lives in a small town in the southwest corner of Missouri. He has achieved the rank of Executive in Young Living and is moving on to Silver.

My wife and I (David and Lee Stewart) visited with Don during a seminar near St. Louis, Missouri, in mid-April of this year, two months after his encounter with the Black Widow. His arm was completly healed. It looked perfectly normal, except for a slight, virtually unnoticeable change in skin coloration. It was incredible to see his arm in April, when only two months earlier his whole inner forearm had been covered with a black scab (gangrene or necrosis from the spider bite) which had sloughed off, and healed so perfectly from the application of essential oils. There was no scarring or visible evidence that his arm had been bitten by a deadly spider followed by gross swelling and incrustation with dead and dying tissue only weeks before. It was another “Essential Oil Miracle.”


2. “Scar-B-Gone” Essential Oil Recipe as Formulated by D. Gary Young.

Scar-B-Gone Recipe (mix in the order given)

10 drops helichrysum
6 drops lavender
8 drops lemongrass
4 drops patchouli
5 myrrh
1 ounce V-6

This formula is credited to D. Gary Young and was made available to the public by Nancy Sanderson from Wyoming, Gary’s Sister. Regarding the individual oils comprising the Scar-Be-Gone formula, Myrrh has been used to heal scar tissue (including abdominal stretch marks after giving birth) since Biblical Times and before.

Lavender oil has been known to heal gangrene, as it did in the case of Rene Gattefosse, PhD, the chemist who rediscovered the healing properties of essential oils in the early 20th century and who coined the term, “Aromatherapy.” Lavender oil healed Dr. Gattefosse’s rapidly developing gas gangrene resulting from a severe burn by an accident in his laboratory.

Gangrene is dead, or nearly dead, tissue that turns black and crusty from lack of circulation caused by a wound or burn. “Gas gangrene” is gangrene that has become infected with bacteria.

Application of Lavender oil has also been reported to save a leg when doctors were about to amputate due to gangrene. The progressive decay of live tissues from gangrene generates strong toxins that can cause death to the individual if the toxins begin to circulate through the the rest of the body. That is why doctors almost always prescribe amputation for a gangrenous limb. Application of Lavender oil is a better alternative and leaves the patient intact.

Scar-Be-Gone, which contains Lavender Oil, is an even stronger, more effective blend than any of its constituent oils alone.


3. Chinese Foods & Oils: Red Flags from a Red Country
~^~^~^~^~^by Greg Hitter, PhD

The following article is reprinted with permission from “Greg’s Essential eNews.” See Editor’s Note at the end for more on Dr. Hitter’s practice, seminars, publications, and newsletter.


I was inspired to share another warning about Chinese food products. Some of which are sold in the USA as “organic” at stores all across the country, like the Whole Foods franchise.

I began earlier to write this eNews edition. Then, the very next day, “The Health Ranger” (Mike Adams) ran an excellent article on the “Cancer Villages” in China, which the mainland Chinese government now admits exist as a result of the lack of concern by Chinese businesses and the Chinese government’s failure to regulate them (links to the articles are shared below).

Governmental failure to care goes hand in hand with a general failure of “democracy”–the people need to care enough to regulate business, and be informed enough to properly do so. If you think your government cares, whether it is socialist or democratic, think again. The government will care when you care enough to make it care. That’s called “a functioning democracy,” as opposed to a cheese-wiz, self-proclaimed “democracy for the people,” like we see in Iran, China, etc. In these countries, free press and free speech are persecuted, and those holding and expressing alternate views are imprisoned or eradicated by the government.

Capitalistic democracy isn’t perfect, but it’s a far cry from the pathetic form of “state capitalism” seen in Iran or China, where the elite few really do thrive to rule at the considerable expense of the people, and with little possibility for peaceful change. It’s called “political corruption.”

Both my initial article and the follow-up the next day are below, along with details of the links to Mike Adam’s “Natural News website” and to the articles to which I have referred.


You Ask, “Why am I focusing on products from Mainland China (not Taiwan) in my eNews?” For two reasons:

First, Young Living Ningxia Wolfberry products are from Mainland China. As China’s toxic dilemma stops being ignored by the media (as it has been up to now), this will become more public. So it’s important for us, as Young Living distributors, to be informed on the issue of toxic products from Mainland China. It is good for us to know that foods from remote areas, like the Ningxia Region of China, are relatively safe (especially Young Living’s fully-tested products).

No area of the planet is totally toxin free any longer. Toxins respect no borders. But, as we know, Young Living does a great job of testing and eliminating toxic ingredients in their oils and foods. We’ve learned that we can trust YL’s products. However, rather than burying our heads in the sand around this issue, we need to join Gary’s practice of facing issues head on and not shying away from informing those in our down-lines.

Second, many U.S. companies, including doTerra (spun off by former YL employees), admit their essential oils are from Mainland China. In fact, Gary Young once related to the YL Leaders that one of the reasons these former employees quit YL and started their own company (doTerra) is because they had repeatedly urged him to purchase oils from China because of their cheaper prices, and he (Gary) had refused because of their unacceptably low quality. The likelihood that YL’s competition has a substandard toxic product is very, very high.

Inform your downline about the importance of the issue of quality and what is required to find and obtain quality products in today’s world. Nowhere will we find perfection, but Young Living will come out looking pretty good to anyone who chooses to be well informed.


I’ve warned before in my eNews about mainland Chinese business methods and their lack of care. Now we read about admissions coming from China’s own government on the “Cancer Villages” created by toxic business methods–and how China’s products are allowed (by the US-FDA) to be imported to America (and even labelled “organic”) which are known to be laced with toxins such as mercury and other heavy metals, as well as a wide range of other deadly contaminants.

You’ve read about “toxic toys” and baby food from China; now get the bigger toxic picture. We’ll be hearing and seeing a lot more on this, as China and the world realize and come to pay the price for China’s habitual lack of concern. But we’re only seeing the tip of the iceberg on the issue of Chinese contamination, its extent and effects. Stay tuned on this one!

Where does that fruit or vegetable product labeled “Organic,” that you bought from Whole Foods or other natural foods retailer come from? …China? If so, forget it! It’s likely not the “whole food” you think it is (unless you know where in China it’s coming from and if it’s been thoroughly tested (which the FDA doesn’t do).


By the way, if I had said what I did above about the company, Whole Foods in the State of Texas, I would likely be convicted in court (like Oprah was a few years ago). So don’t think we don’t have a ways to go here in the “land of the free and the home of the brave” in terms of democracy and free speech.

In keeping with a patriotic message from the recent Academy Award Winning movie “Argo,” where a freedom-loving American responds to threats from an Iranian state official, I’d like to say the following to the State of Texas concerning it’s legal kow-towing to big farm and pharma interests and intimidation of dissenters. “Hopefully this little article of mine will confront you and help you face what you are doing. A word to the experienced is sufficient.” Full details below.

Oh and by the way, did you know that Whole Foods (WF) has agreed to begin labelling all Genetically Modified (GMO) foods by 2018? Apparently WF employees were video’d lying about their GMO (and other) foods by the alternative media. And because of the stink raised (by people like YOU!) Whole Foods has decided it would be best for their financial bottom line to come clean by actually letting us know what we’re eating. Now if we can just get them to do that about foods from China and all so-called “organic” foods–including the ones sprayed with Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide, which the FDA in it’s infinite wisdom [and corporate Kow-towing] allows to be used on “organic” labeled foods.

Stay tuned for the lawsuits and government (FDA) machinations on the GMO labelling commitment from the Whole Foods company! And stay in the fight for your right to know what’s in your food!

Get the full details from the “Natural News” (you really ought to subscribe) at:

Also stay tuned for the Monsanto lawsuits (against Whole Foods) and the government (FDA) machinations on this! Whole Foods is in for one big prolonged battle. Maybe the mainstream media will actually show up and report something truthfully, rather than continuing to spew the corporate party line as they have on GMO foods.

Stay in the fight to know what’s in your food! Demand full & truthful labeling! We all have a dog in this fight …our health! Vote smart, be informed!


I’d like to share, what I believe, is a definitive article on the contaminated state of Mainland Chinese products sold in the USA and around the world (Whole Foods and other “natural food” outlets in the U.S. sell food products from Mainland China, labeling them “Organic”). But first…Remember several years back when a few people left Young Living to start a competitive essential oils company called “doTerra?”

If you visited their website then, as I did, you noted that many if not most of their oils “come from China.” You also noted the serious limits of their quality testing department, which, when compared to Young Living’s state-of-the-art Utah testing facilites, essentially showed doTerra’s testing to be virtually non-existent (their website picture of a tiny gas chromatograph and a few other devices cannot compare with what Young Living has).

You might recall my warning back then that doTerra didn’t have the ability to properly test the oils from China, which in my experience were “likely to be very contaminated.” In the years since, we’ve seen several headlines about specific Chinese [Mainland China, not Taiwan] contaminated products.

The recent article below in “The Health Ranger” should settle any doubts you have about the truth of what I’ve said about business methods in China and the contamination level of their products. It is far beyond serious. After reading the article below, I think you’ll agree with me that we need to assume that most products from Mainland China are very toxic (and likely toxic beyond belief) until proven otherwise.

Some of the material I use in the next section is from a recent article by Health Ranger Mike Adam. The article by Mike is available in its entirety at the following internet location:


My warning on contaminated foods from Mainland China includes essential oils which–when adulterated with toxins–will drag contaminants quite easily through the skin, lungs, nasal passages–and elsewhere into the body. Essential oils have an amazing ability to penetrate the body and carry coexistent compounds with them–including through the blood-brain barrier–which is why they’ve been used in medicine for just that purpose.

Contaminants include organic and inorganic compounds, bio-hazardous waste, heavy metals, hormonal (or hormone-like) waste, human waste, and even radioactive waste–which the government of Mainland China has shown no will to regulate, and for which Chinese businesses and government agencies have shown total disregard for themselves and their people. This is a sad disgrace that is already showing itself in the Chinese people’s compromised state of health.

Anytime you see a label on food products or essential oils designated as a “Product of China” consider that a “Red Flag” and a Warning to beware.


Mike’s article also notes specific Chinese products that are NOT typically contaminated, such as “gogi [wolf] berries,” which are grown far away from China’s cities and major centers of pollution.

Another relatively non-toxic product I’d mention is the Lotus brand of purple or “forbidden” rice from Northern China–which I like to soak/sprout overnight and eat raw. Unlike most rice, forbidden rice when soaked in water for 24 hours softens into a tasty, nutty treat–add a little Himalayan pink salt, and maybe some herbs and avocado, and you have a great raw food dish!

Those of us in Young Living call the highly-nutritious goji fruit “wolfberry.” We have a high degree of confidence in the Young Living Ningxia Wolfberry products due to the fact that not only are Ningxia Wolfberries grown in a remote region of China (the Ningxia region of Northern China exists near Mongolia and the Yellow River), but YL tests all their products in their highly-sophisticated testing lab at the main YL facility in Utah.


I was quite impressed when I toured the lab several years ago; and was equally impressed when two former administrative employees of YL confirmed to me [without my asking] that “YL actually does the extensive testing they claim”–both of these former employees had gone on to work with YL competitors and had absolutely no reason to present YL in a good light (except to tell the truth).

The moral of the story is, “Know your source”–even regarding so-called “Organic” labeled products. Our own FDA (government) is failing us in not only allowing toxic products from China to be imported here (and even labeled “organic), but in allowing Monsanto Roundup herbicide in “organic” products, and GMO and other toxic products in general into our cosmetic skin products and food supply.

The next day after I published the above article in my newsletter on toxic stress in China, much of the same material there synchronously surfaced in another article from Natural News (link given below)


China has come out and admitted to the existence of entire villages, where exposure to human-caused contamination is so bad that toxin-related disease like cancer is epidemic. In the following article Health Ranger Mike Adams goes deeper into the issue of China’s Toxic Problem and the hazards of importing it into the USA in our food supply, etc. Visit the following site for the whole article:

Mike Adams reports that Large areas of the entire country of China are headed in thoroughly toxic direction, as Chinese businesses do what they want with their waste, exposing people to a vast amount of toxic contamination. Over time the devastation has become obvious (even for a government like China’s that actively institutes denial as a common rule & practice). Once the full extent of China’s devastation is known (probably years from now), the world will share a deep shock and realize the need to be responsible with waste. Are you going to wait?


In determining the legal meaning of “organic” our FDA does not include toxic contamination. Therefore a product from China (or anywhere) could have, for example, extremely high levels of mercury or other heavy metals (as is commonly found in China) and still be labeled “organic” and sold at Whole Foods and other “natural” food stores after being imported to the US.

Interestingly enough, almonds grown in the USA must by law be radiated (supposedly to kill microbes), but almonds imported into the US do not! It would seem that the fox (foreign-invested corporate agriculture) got into the henhouse (the FDA and US gov’t) on that one! …or what’s your sense of it?

Yet this toxin problem is far from being sourced just in China. we only need to look “right here in River City” to see the “chickens coming home to roost.” Cancer Villages exist right here in North America; in fact the whole continent is suffering already from widespread contamination. Why are cancer rates increasing in the U.S.? An increasingly toxic environment is one reason.

I recall speaking with a physicist from the old Solviet Union, who was a representative of their parliament in the 1980’s, who told me that there was a line extending several thousand miles across the middle of the entire length of Russia, where radioactive waste from nuclear power plants had been habitually dumped on fields. will we go their route and “glow in the dark”for thousands of millenia?

Do we have to wait until the failure of our government who kow-tows to cooperate interests, in subsidizing the nuclear power, pesticide, medical vaccination, or tobacco industries, comes to an obvious and tragic end to act in the public’s favor? It’s the “eleventh hour.” Parents do you know where your food comes from, and where your waste goes?


You ask, “Where’s the evidence for widespread contamination of our country?” Let me show you one piece.

In 1950 in the U.S., one person in sixteen (6.25%) was diagnosed with a significant cancer in their lifetime. Today that figure has already reached beyond the one in every two people mark (50%) and is rapidly moving toward two out of every three people (67%). double the rate of 60 years ago. If you think we don’t have a “cancer nation,” …well, it’s simply time to wake up!

We are the proverbial “lobster in a pot.” The heat is increasing so gradually that we hardly notice and we do not realize that it’s slowly coming to a boil! Let’s not be like the lobster, being caught in a kettle of increasing and potentially lethal danger without our even being aware of it, much less knowing how to act!

So again, knowing the source/origin of your food and other products is important. But just controlling the soils isn’t enough; the water and air supply to food crops must also be controlled–not just in China but everywhere in the worldwide ecosystem that we all share. Toxins don’t recognize borders. We don’t have to actively import toxins into our food supply to receive China’s wastes…


Just take a breath!…The air we breathe is also loaded with toxins from around the world. For example, there is fine Uranium dust floating well up into the atmosphere from the weapons our military and other countries have developed, tested, or used. This radio-active material will be contaminating our air, water, soil, and food for quite some time. Do you know the half-life of Uranium? It is between 700 million and 4.5 billion years!! That is several thousand generations from now, to say the least.

Once Uranium ore has been released from the confines of the earth by mining, and concentrated for fuel or military purposes, it has permanently been introduced as a harmful substance into our living environment. Gradually, over time, after it circulates in the atmosphere and our natural water supplies, it becomes sequestered into less harmful deposits such as solid waste disposal sites, your grave, and mine.

Sorry, ignoring it (denial) won’t avoid the reality of the consequences. Just take a look around. How many friends and relatives have you lost to cancer in the last few years? Cancer is already rampant in America, and allopathic medicine is all the while ignoring scientific truths by allowing their “standard of care” to be bought and paid for by bigtime toxin producers–the food and drug industry. Time to stand up and change position.

“A word to the wise is…” Enough said.

Greg Hitter, PhD, is a practicing psychologist and head of “The SelfQuesting Center For Whole Being” south of the San Francisco Bay Area in California. He is author several publications including, “Butterflys in a Bottle,” about essential oils and other forms of vibrational medicine. In addition to private counseling, he offers educational seminars in “SelfQuesting” and his website is where his publications can be found and purchased. His email is If interested in subscribing to his newsletter or in having one of his SelfQuesting Seminars in your area, you may reach him via the email or website addresses just mentioned or you may call him at (805) 781-0309

Official Newsletter of CARE
The Center for Aromatherapy Research and Education
12923 BCR 800, Marble Hill, Missouri USA 63764
(573) 238-4846

NOTE: The information in this newsletter is intended for education purposes only. It is not provided in order to diagnose, prescribe, or treat any disease, illness, or injured condition of the body or mind. Anyone suffering from any disease, illness, or injury should consult with a physician or other appropriate licensed health care professional.

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