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He Who Laughs… Lasts

In this issue of the Raindrop Messenger: He Who Laughs… Lasts CARE Ornaments Health Tip: Frankincense and Myrrh Featured Book: Healing Oils of the Bible Featured Instructor: Tonya Peterson, LCCI Books by Dr. Tonya Peterson By Anthony Stewart, FCCI, Executive Director He Who Laughs… Lasts Laughter is good for you, and that’s no joke. We’ve all heard the adage that laughter is the best medicine. Science and scripture back up the claim that...

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Scar-B-Gone Recipe by Nancy Sanderson – Volume 9, Number 3

Scar-B-Gone Recipe by Nancy Sanderson Originally Posted May – June 2011 1. Scar-B-Gone Recipeby Nancy Sanderson* Here is a formula that I made up and it has done wonders for scars. Read the testimonies below of those who have used it. SCAR-B-GONE RECIPE 10 drops Helichrysum Oil6 drops Lavender Oil8 drops Lemongrass Oil4 drops Patchouly Oil5 drops Myrrh Oil. . . mixed with 1 oz. V-6. I made this blend for a little 3 year old girl who had fallen out of bed...

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The Neuro-Auricular Technique (NAT) by Dr. David Stewart – Volume 6, Number 6

The Neuro-Auricular Technique (NAT) by Dr. David Stewart – Volume 6, Number 6by David Stewart, PhD, DNM, IASP, BCRS, LSH Originally Posted November – December 2008 1. The Neuro-Auricular Technique (NAT) by David Stewart The so called “Neuro-Auricular Technique” (NAT) was originated by D. Gary Young. Contrary to the implications of its name, it has nothing to do with the ears, as the word “auricular” would suggest. It does employ an “auricular”...

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12 Oils of Ancient Scripture – Volume 5, Number 2

12 Oils of Ancient Scriptureby David Stewart, PhD, DNM Originally Posted March – April 2007 1. 12 Oils of Ancient Scripture: Young Living’s Best Bargain The “12 Oils of Ancient Scripture Kit” is the best bargain on the Young Living price list. While most of Young Living’s kit prices reflect a small savings over the cost of the individual oils, the “12 Oils of Ancient Scripture Kit” will save you more than $100 over the cost of the...

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Sunshine, Suntan, and Sun-Sensitizing Oils- Volume 3, Number 5

Sunshine, Suntan, and Sun-Sensitizing OilsBy David Stewart, PH.D., R.A. Originally Posted June/July 2005 It’s summer time in the Northern Hemisphere and time for sunshine and suntans. This is a time also to be aware that certain essential oils can promote sunburn. Such oils are said to be phototoxic. If applied directly to the skin followed by exposure to sunlight or a tanning light, the molecules of these oils amplify the ultraviolet (UV) portion of the spectrum and...

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Essential Oils Then and Now – Volume 1, Number 6

Essential Oils Then and NowBy David Stewart, Ph.D., R.A. Originally Posted July 2003 The Bible has more than 500 references to at least 33 species of essential oils and/or the herbs from which they are distilled. All of these scriptures are cited and discussed in the book, Healing Oils of the Bible. All of the oils used bythe people of Bible times are still used today, although not always for the same purposes. We shall discuss only threehere: Mint, Frankincense, and Myrrh. MINT...

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Breech Babies and Sweet Myrrh – Volume 1, Number 3

BREECH BABIES AND SWEET MYRRHby Anthony Stewart Young Living Distributor, Marble Hill, MO Originally Posted March 2003 “Did you happen to bring the myrrh?” I asked Sarah as we headed to Tennessee with our two children, Caleb and Joseph. “Got it right here!” answered Sarah. We also had with us our unborn baby who was about 36 weeks along, and who happened to be turned breech. (This means that the buttocks or a foot would be born first rather than the head.) We had been...

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