10 Reasons to Learn Raindrop from a CARE Instructor

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10 Reasons to Learn Raindrop 10 Reasons to Learn Raindrop

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Anthony Stewart, FCCI, Executive Director

By Anthony Stewart, FCCI, Executive Director

10 Reasons to Learn Raindrop from a CARE Instructor

By Anthony Stewart, FCCI

I remember previous to 2010 watching videos, even watching my parents, David and Lee Stewart, perform Raindrop Technique, in an attempt to learn how to do this wonderful modality. Most of it looked easy, but then I tried doing the techniques involved in Raindrop. I remember struggling to Vitaflex the spinal points of a family member’s feet. All of a sudden, it felt like I had no hand-eye coordination! And doing Vitaflex with the thumbs on the receiver’s back was even more awkward.

Anthony Stewart demonstrating Raindrop Technique for CCIs

Anthony Stewart demonstrating Raindrop Technique for CCIs.

Then in 2010 I attended a CARE Intensive. My parents were teaching the class. The intensive allowed plenty of time to receive personal attention to all the finer points of the techniques used in Raindrop, and I learned it and became proficient! At this intensive training I also learned about the unique chemistry of essential oils, the emotional aspects, and so much more.

Some of you may relate to my initial experience of Raindrop if you have tried to learn the techniques by watching videos, or watching someone who maybe just learned it. While most of the parts of Raindrop are relatively simple, they do not necessarily feel easy or natural at first for most. Though my parents were experts at performing Raindrop, it wasn’t until I formally trained in a CARE intensive that I really got the knack of all the parts of performing the techniques.

When someone first has an interest in learning how to do Raindrop Technique, it may be difficult to navigate where to begin. One could search for demo videos on YouTube, seek a teaching session with someone who does Raindrop, or follow directions from books, etc. But here are my ten reasons that you may want to find a Certified CARE Instructor that can train you in Raindrop.

  1. Personal Attention from an Experienced Instructor

    When you attend a CARE Raindrop class (which is a total of 8 hours, usually broken into two 4-hour parts) you will watch a skillful instructor demonstrate and explain all parts of the Raindrop Technique. This is followed by 6 hours of guided practice for the students. We limit our Raindrop and Vitaflex classes to only ten students per instructor so that each attendee can receive personal attention and correction from the instructor. This is vital so that students can gain more than just a brief visual of how a Raindrop should look. In this setting students have the opportunity to execute every Vitaflex, every Feather Stroke, and every part of Raindrop with the faithful guidance and correction of a seasoned instructor. Certified CARE Instructors have completed at least 164 hours of thorough training, practice, testing, and annual skills checks to ensure that they are teaching and demonstrating correctly.

  2. Faithfulness and Consistency in Raindrop Technique

    Our founders, David and Lee Stewart, learned Raindrop in January of 2000 from Gary Young (the originator) in Dallas, Texas. They took detailed notes from each session that Gary demonstrated the technique, and then took loving care to practice it exactly the way Gary taught it and put all the parts of Raindrop into easy-to-understand notes. You will find this version of Raindrop (sometimes referred to as the “Dallas Version”) still today in the Raindrop Notes that you receive when you take a CARE class. Over the years there have been many different versions of Raindrop Technique in the public eye. Some of these variations have come out of an attempt to make it simpler to teach large groups of people. David and Lee made a decision to remain faithful to the more complex and complete Raindrop that Gary Young taught in Dallas, and to limit Raindrop classes to only ten people so that students could really learn how to do a successful Raindrop. One of the reasons that we as CARE Instructors have an annual skills check is to make sure that we are all teaching Raindrop in the same way. While making some variations to a Raindrop session may be appropriate to fit the needs of a client, we find it is best to master the basics and become familiar with Raindrop in its original form first.

  3. Extensive Training in Vitaflex

    When you take Raindrop from a CARE Instructor, you will first receive 4 hours of training in Applied Vitaflex. Some of these techniques are necessary to learn before doing Raindrop. But in addition to these, students will learn many other forms of Vitaflex that can help improve hearing, support the lungs, bronchial tubes, sinuses, relieve neck pain and headaches, improve lymphatic function, support the heart, and even lengthen a leg that is shorter than the other. Vitaflex consists of several techniques to address these and more. In a CARE class you will also learn how to implement oils along with Vitaflex to make the techniques even more powerful.

  4. What if My Raindrop Client Has an Emotional Release While on the Table?

    The sense of smell is different than the other four senses. Unlike taste, touch, hearing, and sight, the sense of smell goes directly to the limbic system of the brain where emotions and memories are processed. If you have ever had a Raindrop, you know that it is a powerfully aromatic event. There are times that a client may spontaneously release emotionally while on the massage table. This may manifest in a variety of ways, and it is helpful for a Raindrop facilitator to understand what is happening and how to help the client move through this. CCCIs, FCCIs, and LCCIs teach CARE Intensives where students will learn in the Emotional Release class how emotions work, how they are stored in the body, and how to gently release emotions when needed. In this class students are given a basic understanding of what to do if a client starts to release during a Raindrop.

  5. A Scientific Basis for Using Essential Oils

    In a CARE Intensive students learn about the unique chemistry of essential oils, and why they work so well with our bodies. Some people do not feel it necessary to understand the science behind the oils and would use them anyway simply because they work. But many of your Raindrop clients may want to glean from your knowledge to understand why they work, and why certain oils are used in Raindrop Technique and otherwise. CARE Instructors that are certified to do so teach 6 hours in Chemistry of Essential Oils within the intensive, and this class will often amaze even the most skeptic of skeptics.

  6. A Scriptural Basis for Using Essential Oils

    One of CARE’s foundational classes is the History of Anointing and Laying on of Hands, aka Healing Oils of the Bible. Here we search through the scriptures and find a spiritual and practical basis for using oils topically and aromatically as we look at the people in both the Old and New Testaments that used these aromatics for healing. You and I may have friends and family who fear that essential oils go against their faith. This class answers many questions one may have about the Bible, and how God has gifted these precious oils from the plants for us to use. This is a 2-hour class and is based on David Stewart’s book Healing Oils of the Bible.

  7. 25 Continuing Education Hours through NCBTMB

    CARE is an approved provider for the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork. CARE Intensives are worth 25 CE hours, and Seminars are 12-14 CE hours. And this is good news if you have a massage license or if you are a bodyworker!

  8. Become a Certified Raindrop Technique Specialist

    While many students simply want to gain the knowledge and skills from CARE classes so that they can do Raindrop on family and friends and address their own health needs, others choose to pursue the pathway of becoming certified so that they can legally accept clients and charge for services. Taking a 25-hour CARE Intensive is the beginning steps to completing this goal. In the course students learn how they can continue and become a Certified Raindrop Technique Specialist (CRTS) and Licensed Spiritual Healer (LSH).

  9. Become a Certified CARE Instructor

    While each of our CARE Instructors have a unique background story, they all started their CARE journey by completing all five of CARE’s classes: Raindrop Technique, Vitaflex, Chemistry of Essential Oils, Emotional Release, and History of Anointing and Laying on of Hands. Often, students have no initial interest in teaching the CARE curriculum, but as the information and techniques learned make an impression, many choose to pursue a teaching career with CARE. Becoming a CARE Instructor is a wonderful way to share the gift of this empowering knowledge with others in your community and around the world. For us, this is a calling to help empower people with their health. If you feel such a calling in your life, talk to your CARE Instructor, or call the CARE office at 1-800-758-8629.

  10. Not Just an Instructor

    Many of our students discover that their CARE Instructor is not just a teacher, but often our instructors become friends and mentors to the students. A great commonality I see in our instructors is that they “care” about their students, and often make themselves available beyond just teaching for a few hours during class time. CARE classes are a unique setting, where what is learned is not limited only to the vast wealth of information, but it is information with a heart and soul embodied in our instructors. CARE reaches people in a way that I have never before seen in any other setting. The program set forth by our founders is something very special.

I hope that every one of you will take that leap and enroll in a CARE Intensive or Seminar. If you have already taken CARE classes, repeat students can enroll at half price! What a wonderful way to invest in yourself, your family, and your health.

CARE Instructors checking each other's Raindrop and Vitaflex skills at CCI Summit

CARE Instructors checking each other’s Raindrop and Vitaflex skills at CCI Summit.

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Advanced Bible Oils Class and CCI Summit

Advanced Bible Oils:
Sunday, July 21, 8:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

CCI Summit 2024:
Monday, July 22, 8:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Tuesday, July 23, 8:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Wednesday, July 24, 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

This year CARE’s Advanced Bible Oils and CCI Summit will take place at the Crystal Inn Hotel & Suites in Salt Lake City, Utah following Young Living Convention!

Advanced Bible Oils (open to all) is taught by Anthony Stewart, FCCI and is a wonderful in-depth review of essential oils and practices of the ancient Hebrews and early Christians in scripture. We will also discuss the rich history of the Bible and learn how to study scripture in such a way that it will enrich your experience. We will go through the entire History of Anointing and Laying on of Hands (HAL; formerly Healing Oils of the Bible) class as presented by CARE along with Q and A. One of the focal points of this class is to educate CARE Instructors on how to teach HAL, but there is much more information presented that is useful to anyone who has an interest in the Bible and essential oils.

Part of the class’s intent is to introduce unusual situations in which you may find yourself when teaching HAL. For example, you may have attendees who are not of a Judeo-Christian heritage, and who do not consider the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament) and/or the New Testament their scriptures, which can be challenging. A brief description of many religions will be given along with what to expect. We will also look at the history of the Bible, and how it developed over the millennia into its present form, among many other fascinating topics!

Advanced Bible Oils is required for all new CCIs who have not yet taken this class. CARE Interns (CIs) are welcome to attend and fulfill this requirement before becoming a CCI. This class is also open to the public upon registration. It is recommended, but not required, that participants complete CARE’s History of Anointing and Laying on of Hands before attending.

Repeat students of Advanced Bible Oils may attend at half price.

Advanced Bible Oils is approved for 8 CE Hours through NCBTMB.

CCI Summit (must be a CI, CCI or above to be eligible) is open to all CCIs and above, and also CARE Interns. Summit is a time for us to gather together to learn, grow, discuss, network, make new friends and reconnect with old friends. We will have special speakers, hands-on experiences, check each other’s Raindrop and Vitaflex skills, learn how to relate with students, and more.

Summit & Bible Oils Pricing:

Advanced Bible Oils (open to all):
$285 First time students
$142.50 Students repeating this class

Summit 2024 (must be a CI, CCI or above to be eligible):
$325 Early bird special, by May 14
$350 Registration May 15 and after

Four Ways to Register:


Advanced Bible Oils, click here to register.

Summit 2024, click here to register.

Call: (573) 238-4846

Email: accounting@raindroptraining.com, request invoice for Summit and/or Advanced Bible Oils Class

Snail Mail: Send check or money order along with your name, address, phone, and e-mail address, stating what you are registering for, to: CARE, 12923 BCR 800. Marble Hill MO 63764.

Location for Both Events:
Crystal Inn Hotel & Suites Salt Lake City
230 W 500 S
Salt Lake City, UT 84101 USA

lora lee

Health Tip:

from Lora Lee Stewart, FCCI

Myrtle Oil and the Feelings of
Anger and Divisiveness and Healing the “Abdominal” Brain

What feelings come about when you think of Memorial Day? Perhaps such feelings as pride, patriotism, gratefulness, and humbleness, to name a few. However, Memorial Day is about remembering those who fought for our freedom. Why do we continually need to fight for our freedom? In our world today, as even in yesteryears long past, we are surrounded by anger, hate, divisiveness, rage, sadness, and hurt just for starters. We find ourselves filled with contradicting emotions, sometimes too overwhelming to overcome when we are faced with trials and tribulations on a regular basis. It’s all part of life! If only life could just be a nice bowl of ice cream every day! But it’s not…

Why even discuss this? Emotions and negative thoughts and feelings are statistically the number one cause of our major diseases! Studies have shown that most diseases stem from different stresses in our lives and unresolved feelings and emotions. Christians around the world recently celebrated Easter and Jesus’ resurrection and Jewish people celebrated the Passover. One of the central themes around these two historical events is that of being in exile. This is a highly relevant theme in this modern era characterized by divisiveness and separation between countries, among those with differing beliefs, within families, relationships etc. Also, the circumstances of modern existence cause many individuals to conform to the ideas and expectations of others, thus becoming enmeshed in a mode of socially controlled behavior and consequently estranged from his or her true soul nature.

myrtle oil

Myrtle Oil is one of the leading essential oils that offers support to those dealing with these feelings of anger, divisiveness, exile, abandonment, low self-esteem, among many other negative thoughts and emotions. We can look to the Book of Esther in the Bible. Her story was a great example of how one Jew had the strength and courage to save her entire civilization from complete annihilation.

Esther wasn’t even her real name, once made Queen of Persia, she was given that name. Her actual Jewish name was Hadassah- meaning myrtle tree or branch. She kept her Jewish identity secret and followed her Divine guidance to lead the Jewish nation from exile and into freedom and safety.

Myrtle Oil proves very effective in supporting or helping with the following symptoms or emotions: anger, blame, frustration, anxiety, fear, fear of illness and/or death, despair, lack of composure, distraction, materialistic yearnings, insomnia, low self-esteem. It also promotes feelings of self-worth; it helps one overcome emotional repression by encouraging verbal expression; it has the ability to sedate the lower mind and enhance the connection with the higher self and intuitive process, thereby bringing knowledge and understanding.

Another oil I’d like to discuss is Blue Chamomile (Also known as German Chamomile) and its support of a healthy “Abdominal” Brain (or, in other words, OUR GUT!) Dr. Michael Gershon is a noted expert in the field of neurogastroenterology (also author of the book, The Second Brain1) who has performed ground-breaking research revealing that our human bodies do, in fact, have a second “brain”- Our “Abdominal Brain” i.e. our gut.

german chamomile

How many times have you been in a situation where you had a “gut instinct” and when you didn’t follow that “gut instinct” you regretted it? I know that has happened to me NUMEROUS times! I know now, I need to listen to my “gut instincts” because they are always right! These “gut instincts” are the actual biological function of our “second brain.” In fact, some researchers suggest that our abdominal brain is actually our “first” brain rather than the “second,” hypothesizing that it may have evolved in animals long before the cranial brain took its current form.2 SO, in light of this, don’t you now realize how VERY important it is to maintain a healthy gut? IT IS ESSENTIAL!

Blue Chamomile (also German Chamomile) has been used for millenniums as a medicinal plant; it is sometimes referred to as “the plant doctor” because some have observed that it supports the growth and well-being of other plants, especially those that produce essential oils such as mints.3 This herbal remedy has been used for thousands of years throughout ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome. It is part of the Asteraceae family. The reason that many call it “Blue” Chamomile, is that it contains the naturally occurring constituent, chamazulene, that gives the essential oil a deeply rich blue color.


German Chamomile essential oil (Blue Chamomile) offers the following therapeutic actions: anodyne (reduces pain), anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, carminative (aids in digestion, bloating, sleep), cholagogue (promotes bile flow), immune stimulant (stimulates infection-fighting white blood cells, including macrophages and B-lymphocytes), nervine (calms the nervous system), sedative, stomachic and bitter tonic. It also promotes and supports a normal, healthy outlook during PMS.

This “plant doctor” has been found to be useful in the treatment of the following symptoms: nervous tension, irritability, anxiety, hysteria, insomnia, inflammation, digestive disorders, including indigestion, heartburn, colic, diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), Crohn’s disease, peptic ulcers, hiatus hernia, hemorrhoids, spleen weakness. This powerful essential oil also offers support for an array of emotional issues, including: anger, nervous tension, fear, timidity, anxiety, impatience, irritability related to menopause and PMS.

Both of these essential oils, if purchased from Young Living Essential Oils, can be applied to various reflex points on the body or taken internally in a gel pill capsule. The oils may also be diffused for up to 1 hour 3 times per day. German Chamomile can actually be applied topically to soothe minor skin irritations. If you would like to obtain these powerful oils or learn how essential oils can drastically improve your health, contact the CARE office at: 1-800-758-8629 or contact your nearest Young Living Essential Oils Brand Partner.

A final thought: Our understanding of health and disease today is largely shaped by allopathic medical dogma and pharmaceutical industry indoctrination. However, the power to cure disease resides only within OUR bodies! That innate power cannot fully prevail until the fundamental elements of life and health, in necessary measure, have been set in place, namely: proper diet, pure water, fresh air, sunlight, adequate exercise, warmth, rest and sleep, emotional harmony and proper posture.4 A forgotten “fundamental element” is fresh air. How often do you take an “Airbath?” What is an “Airbath?” It’s simply allowing your body to be drenched by the fresh air completely unclothed! It sounds crazy, I know! However, it is something that many of our forefathers, including Benjamin Franklin, participated in regularly and frequently! The best times are in the fresh morning hours or right before bedtime. It is best performed outside in the open air; however, if this is not possible, it can be achieved inside with open windows in a well-ventilated room. This Airbath can last anywhere from 1 minute to 1 hour, depending on the ability of the skin to react and rewarm itself quickly, and also depending on the season of the year. This should be a pleasant experience. One does not want to become too chilled. Afterwards, rub down the skin with a dry towel. This will help your body rewarm itself, thereby, bringing an immediate flow of blood which cleanses the cells! Try this simple health-giving gift! You’ll be amazed by its benefits! I hope you enjoy time with family and friends during this month’s Memorial Day weekend celebrations! Here’s to your health and well-being!


1. Gershon, Michael. The Second Brain: A Groundbreaking New Understanding of Nervous Disorders of the Stomach and Intestine. New York. Harper-Collins. 1998.

2. Spencer, Nick J. et al. Long-range synchronization within the enteric nervous system underlies propulsion along the large intestine in mice. Communications Biology. August 10, 2021.

3. Berkowsky, Bruce. Soothing the Abdominal Brain with Synergy of Blue Chamomile Essential Oil, Labradorite Gemstone Essence and Blue Light Therapy.  Nature’s Therapies E-Journal. April 16, 2024

4. Berkowsky, Bruce. The Airbath: A Simple Health-Building Nature’s Therapy. Nature’s Therapies E-Journal. July 7, 2011

Raindrop Messenger Featured Book

The ABC’s of Building a Young Living Organization


The ABC’s of Building a Young Living Organization by Karen L. Hopkins – Essential oils are God’s gift to humankind. Karen has diligently and tirelessly taught hundreds of people how they can improve the health of themselves and their families and increase their happiness, and abundance.

In stock

Sherry BusinessPic3


My Introduction to Center for Aromatherapy Research & Education began as a Young Living Distributor. My sister and I attended a number of Young Living conventions in the early days when we became members around 2002.  It was the rare occasion that Young Living would go to another city, but in 2007, they were in Washington D.C., so Robyn and I went since it was so close to home. It was there that I had my first Raindrop by Christina Hagan.  It was intriguing and I recall asking lots of questions! She was patient and informative….and told me about some ‘classes’ I could take to learn more!  I was thrilled, and in 2008, Robyn and I attended our first CARE Intensive in VA, 8 hours from our home. (This reminds me that when someone wants our education badly enough, they will find a way to us!)

It took 4 years for me to complete the instructor program, becoming a CCCI (Completely Certified CARE Instructor) in 2012, as I had started massage school in 2009-2010, which added to my workload. Necessary background: I had confirmation by the Lord that I was to stop pursuing my reinstatement as a Registered Nurse in PA.  Despite having my BSN (1985-1987: Bachelor of Science in Nursing, and having done quite well in academics at Daemen College in NY), I was told by the PA licensing board that I needed to nearly start over when I decided to go back to Nursing in 2005, after the youngest of my 5 children was solidly in a Christian elementary school and I felt restless and ready to go back to work.  It was a couple years of looking for a school that would let me do a year-long R.N. refresher course, plus Young Living being a new source of excitement and knowledge as I poured over my EODR (Essential Oil Desk Reference), PLUS the amazing Raindrop I had in D.C., that allowed me to have my AHA!!! moment. I say all of this to affirm that our ‘process’ or journey is not wrong, nor delayed; and our intended goal(s) may change ‘in the process’ as our plan aligns with God’s ultimate best for us, and how we will grow to bless the many we will come to meet and know.

Sitting through that VA Care Intensive I was all ears, overwhelmed, and feeling a stirring. My sister leans over and says, “You can do this!”  I wasn’t so sure, as Chemistry was way out there for me.  But I found a mentor in Mer Barrett and the rest is history!  I assisted Mer and Joanna in the Lancaster area and began my journey. As I needed to find another source of income, I decided to add a 10-month massage school into the mix!  Why not??!!!  I also needed a redo at the 2-year mark of my testing, so once I had completed massage school in June 2010, I had 2010-2012 to complete the CCCI training. I crammed for the LMT (Licensed Massage Therapist) exam, passing in Sept 2010, and it was all CARE from that point forward.  In 2012, (Dr Stewart could vouch for this; and he is surely missed, God Rest His Soul!) I was a crazy girl, doing everything in my power to hit all the trainings and testing out/demos for the advanced classes… Emotional Releasing and Chemistry…. plus, training in Animal aromatherapy with Candace Hoke, and Aromasounds/VRT with Mer and testing out to teach that (then 12 hour) class as well!  I had no time left to consider being a Supervisor, although Anthony Stewart- Executive Director, highly encouraged it! I had no interest in becoming a Supervisor at that time, for it is a huge responsibility and my brain was exhausted; but I eventually succumbed in 2014!!!  I taught my first full Intensive in Fort Wayne, IN fall of 2012, just after finishing and passing my Emotional Releasing class with Nancy Gouch in Chicago (someone else I miss seeing!).  All of this continues to remind me that if we want something bad enough, we will find a way to get it. I know I jumped through hoops in 2012 to get my official certification for CCCI from CARE completed. It was not easy, and a truly harder endeavor than massage school!

To summarize the rest of my journey, I learned about Thermography in TX while at the animal aromatherapy intensive, Jan. 2012! I researched it for months, then pursued that certification in Dec 2012. I developed my LLC (Limited Liability Company), Essence of Pure Living in 2010, but felt I needed a dedicated website for Thermal Imaging. I created: “Your Thermal Imaging” in 2013 and changed the name to “Wholistic Thermography” in 2015 after studying equine and canine thermography.  My updated website is going ‘live’ this May 2024, after more than a year of work. I am so excited to present it… with additions of research and thermal body images to be done within another 3-4 months.

Thermography has become my primary business. I think it “rocks” to be able to show people where they have areas of need in the body, and then help them find the experts and tools for wellness.  It suits my ‘nurse brain,’ as does having foundations in blood work, to know one’s baseline of wellness. AND I LOVE teaching! CARE will remain a loving way to express to anyone interested the beauty and foundation of essential oils for wellness. I am always teaching my clients, family and friends things that I learn…and sometimes my zeal does not match another’s! … facts about calcium bentonite clay, diatomaceous earth, the power of infrared therapy and the Biomat, Miracle II soap, Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, potent nutritional support, dental health (thermal imaging tells all!), and more! To give myself further training and covering, I have become a CNHP (Certified Natural Health Professional) at Trinity School of Natural Health, which has exploded and affirmed things I teach and wish to do for my home and family.  This led to taking a Master Gardening course through Penn State Ag last year, graduating this March and now doing my 50 volunteer hours for them.  I can see how to create gardens for wellness and healing the earth around me, like starting a Pollinator Garden as our bees, butterflies and birds are starving for their native plants, shrubs, and trees.  It is an exciting time! And, in time, I will be learning how to turn my medicinal herbs into salves, creams and tinctures for our wellness.  In time….

I married my ‘nursing days’ sweetheart in 2020, and we began our mini farmstead in 2021…only with chickens so far. I soon realized after raising turkeys for meat, I have a hard time butchering something I have lovingly raised. Maybe I can grow some tough skin, but not anytime soon!  Dave and I have a lot of fun and hard work ahead of us, but we are getting there, a day and project at a time!   I have become a Grandmother as well, with 2 grandsons, ages 4 and 2, with 2 more boys coming May and June 2024!  It is truly a blessed time of joy and wonder.  My kids, ages 29 – 37 are busy and productive….and still keep me on my toes in prayer, love and support in all things as natural as can be! And they usually are right there with me…such a joy to my heart.

Thank You CARE and Dr Stewart for being in my life, particularly at a very hard time in my life.  Divorce is not easy, in any way.  But having family (Mom, sister and brother) and friends to give hugs, love, words of encouragement and support, I was able to see LIFE as possible again, precious, and full. I began to see and live my destiny with hope and vigor!  David Stewart was a HUGE piece of that support and tender love for me, as my dad was already in Heaven. The Lord does not allow idols, but Dr Stewart’s and Gary Young’s teachings, messages, shared knowledge, and presence on earth were powerful examples of self-sacrifice and giving MUCH to the world, that I will never forget.  I thank my Lord for taking me on this most amazing journey, sometimes straight pathways, but usually curving roads and bends I could not see beyond…thus growing my faith in my Savior even more deeply! 

Blessings to each of you!  Be Empowered to become and BE all that God has intended for you. Let nothing stop you or hold you back…. ever! Hugs, Love, and Shalom to the CARE family!

~ Sherry Cummings Strayer ~

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Center for Aromatherapy Research and Education is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing education Approved Provider.

Center for Aromatherapy Research and Education is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing education Approved Provider.

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