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Essiac tea is an herbal remedy for cancer known to a Native American Tribe in Northern Ontario, Canada. A lady from England, working with her husband in that part of Canada in the early 20th century, acquired breast cancer and a medicine man from that tribe told her he could cure it. He taught her about certain native herbs and how to brew the tea. Years later, when Rene Caisse, a professional nurse, was caring for the lady, she learned of the tea and began offering it to cancer patients she knew.

In the beginning of her practice of treating cancer patients with the tea, Nurse Caisse states that she was naive enough to think she could accumulate enough proof, by her successes, that her treatment would be acceptable to the medical profession. She believed, at that time, that the cancer support organizations were really looking for a cure for this dreaded disease. But the more proof she succeeded in producing, the more determined the medical establishment, and the organizations that sponsor cancer research, opposed her and became determined that her remedy should not be made available.

Unsupported by any health-related agency, yet undiscouraged by the opposition, she continued to run a successful open cancer clinic for eight years, during the 1920’s, in Bracebridge, Ontario, Canada. She never gave up the hope that some day, somehow, her treatment would be made available to all who needed it.

In the beginning a number of doctors did send her some patients. These were the ones on which all medical options had been exhausted. These were the patients on whom their doctors had given up, and held no hope for their recovery. When the referring physicians saw that Rene Caisse’s treatments actually cured their hopeless patients, they became advocates for her, her practice, and her tea.

The complete story of Nurse Caisse’s heroic struggle, in her own words, as well as the recipe for her tea, an address of where you can purchase the necessary herbs, and instructions on how to brew and administer the tea, is found in this 30 page booklet. If you know someone with any form of cancer, the information in this booklet could safe their life.

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