Nutrition 101: Choose Life!



This not just another book on Nutrition. It is “The” book on nutrition thoroughly researched, well organized, and beautifully presented in full color. Among other things, it is designed for Home Schooling and is child-friendly as well as adult-informative. If you want your children to learn and develop good eating practices from an early age, this is the book. Not only about food, it is an excellent physiology text on every vital organ, how it works, and what foods it needs to function in a healthy way. With healthy recipes and other daily diet tips, it also explains certain diseases, such as diabetes and how to adjust your blood sugar to safe and healthy levels. There is also an excellent discussion on how to read labels to avoid toxic foods and why.

The first author is a practicing Naturopath who has been sharing nutritional advice to her clients for years and who is author of the book, “Gentle Babies,” a guide to family healthcare. Totally compatible with Young Living Essential Oils, the beneficial uses of oils with diet are included throughout the book with many applications you probably never heard of before, even if you have been using the oils for years. Contains learning projects, activities, and fun exercises for children that will educate adults as well. So attractively presented, your kids will spontaneously browse and peruse this book. If you were to actually hold a copy of this book and skim its contents, you would definitely want a copy for your family.

It is more expensive than almost any other nutrition book on the market, but it is worth it. With 443 pages of gorgeously illustrated information, you would have to purchase four or five other books to receive the abundance of information you will find in Nutrition 101. By owning this book of books, you will gain many times your money’s worth in health benefits to yourself and your family.

Growing Healthy Homes Publisher, Bartlesville, Oklahoma (2008)
Quality Paperback 443 pp.


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